Welcome to the 'Il-2 Battle of Stalingrad' section!

Here you have found the greatest Aviation Regiment of them all: the 69 GIAP where you can fly the finest combat aircraft from the 20th Century.

We are a proud and friendly bunch who strap ourselves into the cockpits of legendary warbirds in the great air simulation games IL-2 Sturmovik 1946, Pacific Fighters, IL2-Cliffs of Dover and Rise of Flight, where we do combat any Capitalist or Imperialist air forces or navies that get in our way!!

Where else can you be flying a fearsome Fokker over Amiens in the morning, smashing tanks an IL2 over Smolensk at lunchtime, bailing out of your Spitfire for tea and biscuits in Buckingham palace in the afternoon then launching a B25 off a carrier to give Tojo a smacking in the evening?

You can choose a career flying nimble fighters, spending hours in front of the mirror adjusting your hair gel or dedicate yourself to unleashing cartloads of cannon shells, rockets, bombs and retribution with the hairy arsed ground attack crews or wrestling huge four engined bombers around the skies with our Strategic bombing team.

Following in the steps of Baron von Ozabo's Flying Circus, detachments of GIAP pilots have taken part in every flying conflict since the war of the roses (indeed it's a little know fact that Stenka Razin conducted the worlds first ship based flight trials by throwing Joan of Arc off the side of his yacht). Only recently a detachment of pilots has been detached from and is heading for Dover in response to King George Vs call for help (and generous offer of free beer and loose women).

Our regiment's pilots have answered the Motherland's call from three continents, with members in France, Spain, Denmark, UK, USA, Canada and South Africa. We are always in need of brave pilots willing to sacrifice for the Motherland. No matter where they hail from, all that is required is a stout heart, a quick wit, and a tolerance for our vodka (brewed by the aircrew, originally meant for cleaning tractor engines!!) which we consume by the gallon each night in the mess drinking toasts to the homeland and any misguided empire that has seen fit to employ a band of virtual miscreants.

The fame of the 69.GIAP traverses the globe having saved the British Empire in the Battle of Britain and assisting the American entry to the war due to a slight navigational error during weapons training over Hawaii. Click on the image to hear an exclusive interview with Winston Churchill explaining the real reason behind the German attack of Russia (download Xvid codec first)

To find out more about the pilots who inhabit our aerodrome, check out the roster and you will find some indication as to the caliber and character of those who will risk life and limb just to get home to the warm greetings of Olga, our Chief Inspector of Pilot Ejection Systems (she packs our parachutes!!) and a good shot of vodka in the mess!!

Feel free to browse our forums to check out which Online Wars & Tournaments we are doing battle in!! And don't forget to leave a message to say you dropped by!!

If you've managed to get through all of this stuff, and you reckon the 69th would be a good place for you, then check out the details about joining in the "Join the GeeYap" section, make a post in the public forum and we'll get straight back to you!!