Well, here are a few things that would be good for you to read over before you take the plunge and submit an application to the greatest Regiment on the net!!!!

=69.GIAP= Fighter wingFirst is to explain a little about who the 69th are, and what they do:
The 69th Gv.IAP squad started up around August of 2003 and was founded by a number of players led by =69.GIAP=ROSHKO.
Over the passing years we have established a capability that is almost unique in the online flying world, which is to carry out full combined operations. This involves strategic bombing, tactical ground attack, fighter escort and interceptor missions both from land bases and carrier borne ops. An online war mission will include several or all of these elements. We regularily field 20+ human pilots in competition against other squadrons.So if you are looking for flying with a purpose rather than mindless online furballs…
If you are wondering what it feels like to fly with and against human opponents…
...then read on!

=69.SHAP= Ground attack

Really, what we are looking for are pilots who are willing to work together not for personal glory, but for the success of the squad, and the success of the mission, and most important of all is that you can get back to base safely to the warm embrace of the lovely Olga (it's always a race to get back to base first after the flight commander calls mission complete!!!).

We fly in European, Transatlantic and Amerika timezones with online war missions on both Sundays Saturdays and Wednesdays. This means in practice that Our European and South African members are flying in the evening with the pilots from USA and Canada in their afternoons. Then the Amerika expeditionary force take over into their evening with their own campaigns and training. Training missions are run once a week and most days you will find pilots doing something or just out looking for trouble.

=69.GBAP= Bomber wingUnlike many squadrons we do not have a minimum age but we do expect under 18s to have parental approval. We have pilots aged between 13 and 65+ (and sometimes it’s hard to tell who is the “youngest”). What counts is not how good you are but what effort you are putting in and how much fun you are getting out of it. We offer one on one basic flight training with real life pilots, specialist off and on-line weapons delivery training plus structured military formation and combat training with a real life airforce instructor. How far you want to go depends on what you put in, but don’t worry what counts most is having fun so if you just want to blow stuff up you will find some like minded souls…

The squad has a dedicated technical infrastructure with a powerful server in a commercial datacentre with high speed internet access. This manages large co-op and dogfight missions plus voice communications for the squadron.

You will need to meet the minimum requirements fly effectively online so click this link.

Now send an application through our nice *application form*, post up a hello message on the public forum and above all remember one thing: